Capability Statement


  1. 30 years of experience in providing ‘School Health Services’
  2. Variety of experience in public health and health technologies
  3. Experience of working with ‘The Global Fund’ and NACP
  4. Experience of working with PACP Punjab and PACP Balochistan
  5. Strong skills in health sector automation and innovations
  6. Adequate knowledge of budgeted program activities
  7. Experience of managing high turn over budgets
  8. Public-Private-Corporate Partnership at strategic level
  9. Committed and passionate professionals in Advisory Board
  10. No dependence on external donors for field operations
  11. Respectable brand image in Balochistan; being a subsidiary of Taaleem Foundation – the largest employer of graduate women in non-profit sector of the province.
  12. Political support of parliamentarians at the operational level
  13. Administrative support by the bureaucracy in the field
  14. Community ownership of the process: supportive clients body at each project
  15. Low cost, high-quality and high-impact service delivery solutions
  16. Nation-wide and merit-based selection of project management staff
  17. Encouraging female participation in mainstream service operations
  18. Balanced sociological change through addressing gender concerns
  19. Institutional strength: policies, rules and procedures
  20. Good strength of project development and implementation
  21. Strong grip on budgetary controls, monitoring and evaluation
  22. Improved budgeting and financial management system
  23. Strong administrative and financial controls through highly qualified and skilled staff
  24. Good physical infrastructure at each project site
  25. Institutional linkages with leading bodies like Government of Balochistan, PPHI, Akhuwat, Kawish Welfare Trust, Medibank Trust, Health & Hygiene Limited, Infection Prevention & Control Foundation, and EduCast
  26. Team of highly skilled professionals for all projects and field interventions
  27. Good team of volunteers actively supporting the organization
  28. CSR partners gradually increasing their partnership and contributions with every passing year
  29. More than 1000 TF alumni supporting in voluntary capacity in the field
  30. Credibility: Established brand name in delivery of social services at an affordable cost


  1. TFHI is a multi-donor organization, working with national as well as international donors
  2. ERP solution being rolled out for an automated operational and financial control, monitoring and evaluation of the organization and all its projects
  3. Big infrastructural facilities at all TF campuses can help upgrade the operations at each site
  4. TF – the mother body, being the single largest social change agent in rural Balochistan, having established a respectable brand name; is thereby able to undertake new interventions with adequate credibility
  5. Broadband connectivity at each site has enabled TFHI to deploy e-Health solutions to optimize the investment in technology
  6. Customized ERP roll-out is going to add transparency, operational supervision, financial controls and efficiency in the organization
  7. Government of Balochistan willing to finance and replicate TFHI e-Clinic Project across the province
  8. Multiple use of technological platform possible for adding more products of e-Health and e-Skills
  9. TFHI has the potential to run professional training in collaboration with its training partners across Pakistan to train primary health-care staff
  10. Replication of TFHI e-Clinic Project and other automation based health management solutions have great potential for franchise-based expansion and replication across the country


  1. Distantly located sites in Balochistan and other parts of the country
  2. Remoter operational areas with low HDI and socio-cultural taboos
  3. General unfriendly perception about Balochistan
  4. Non-affordable capital cost of expansion and maintenance
  5. Limited capacity of clients to pay for the user charges
  6. Lack of trained female staff in rural Balochistan
  7. Difficult to tap and retain good management professionals in hard areas
  8. Limited access and outreach in hard areas due to poor communication network and low broadband connectivity