Public Health

TFHI is providing specialized consultancy services to Taaleem Foundation, which is the market leader in Pakistan in spearheading the ‘School Health Services’ since 1991 as a regular feature in mainstream education. It is continuously providing primary health care technical assistance to a student body of 4,000 in ‘Taaleem Foundation Grammar School System’ in Balochistan.

TFHI has made effective inroads into the community, through social mobilization and advocacy campaigns on safe health practices, hygiene and nutrition. Public health awareness is a priority area in community outreach, focusing messages on eradication of polio, TB, malaria and other epidemics in the area. Reducing risk factors of HIV / AIDS also remains on the radar of social mobilizers with utmost conviction and sincerity, while having dialogue with communities at large.

Through our parent body – Taaleem Foundation, we have partnered with “Health & Hygiene Limited” ( – a British company who has developed a wide range of antimicrobial products under its brand name Protector®. The sole purpose for this novel idea is to maximize the protocols for infection prevention measures. All these products are exclusively designed keeping in view of international standards and needs of the end users. Protector® antimicrobial products are also tested independently by third party labs for efficacy against microorganisms in accordance with ISO 22196 and ASTM E2180. The brand covers a wide range of consumer, health-care and industrial products.

We have also partnered with “Infection Prevention and Control Foundation” Lahore (, who specialize in promotion of infection control and public health in Pakistan. The organization has following constituents that support public health:

  1. Institute of Infection Prevention and Control (IIPAC) is a center of excellence in the field of Infection Prevention and Control in Pakistan. Its goal is to meet challenges of the sector including provision of trained human resource, technology and cutting edge research.
  2. Volunteer Force Against Hepatitis Transmission (VFAHT) is composed of medical, dental, nursing and allied health students enrolled in medical institutes of Pakistan. It has 12 established chapters in different medical institutes of the country. With more than 100 on-campus and community awareness public health activities to its credit each year, the volunteer body has an ambitious agenda for future which includes engaging more volunteers and covering more areas of public health.
  3. VFAHT Kids engages kids and their parents in interactive public health and hygiene activities to achieve the goal of healthy Pakistan.

In partnership with our health technology partners EduCast (, we have been able to roll out e-Learning platform that offers access to education as well as health and hygiene services in Pakistan and even across the borders. EduCast specializes in training home-based doctors online and bringing them back in business through an online platform to remotely connect with the patients and provide services. The company has provided home-based COVID care support to over 450,000 patients, using a workforce of 400 lady doctors, who had been trained and certified by Stanford University, USA.