Food Festival at TFGS Mastung

03 Oct 2022

On 03 Oct 2022, Food Festival along with Parents-Teachers Meeting was held at TFGS Mastung. The main purpose of this activity is making the students to able understanding the importance of balance and healthy diet. Make them understand the problems, which are faced by the parents when they earn for them. The students are advised to prepare healthy foods for festival. Write benefits of food on charts. Give a good name their stall. Decorate stall by different things. Make assure the cleanliness during the preparation and presenting their dishes. Cover all food items and insist other students to wash their hands before eating. Mostly the parents help their children in the preparation of different dishes but some of them practically participate in all day long in selling process. All of the parents attended this event and checked 9 months papers record of students, discussed academic problems of their children , fill a proforma regarding performance of administration and then enjoy food festival.