Awareness Session at Govt. College of Education Muzaffarabad By TFHI-CHBC Team Muzaffarabad

31 May, 2022

On 31 May 2022, the team of outreach workers expedited their coordination with the people belonging to different spheres of life and the aforementioned activity was coordinated with the ‘GOVT COLLEGE OF EDUCATION’ Upper Chatter Muzaffarabad AJK. Principal of the institute Mr. Raja Naseer Khan while welcoming team of TFHI-CHBC stressed the importance of awareness sessions in reducing the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS. introductory session was conducted by Ms. Saima Maqbool the Community Counselor at TFHI-CHBC Muzaffarabad. A detailed session was followed through Multimedia presentation about “TFHI”, its mandate and scope. The project manager briefed the participants about the disease, its causes, symptoms and treatment mechanism. The project manager during his presentation focused the attention of the audience on the stigma associated with the disease and asked the teachers to organize awareness sessions in their own capacity so that the general populace may be given primary information about the menace of HIV/AIDS.